Find out information on what inclusive play and accessible playgrounds look like and why we need to have this in our community.

Accessibility Week flyer

Please use this flyer to promote the Inclusive Play Project leading up to Accessibility Week.

Video Campaign

The Inclusive Play Project is coordinating a video campaign during Accessibility Week to promote accessibility and the building of an inclusive playground. Click this resource package for instructions on how to participate in the video campaign!

The Inclusive Play Project Education Package

This education package provides various resources for teaching and learning about inclusion. Click below to access several books, activity worksheets, fundraising ideas, lesson plans, and more.

Rick Hansen Resource Library

This Resource Library contains full lesson plans, short activities, videos, e-books and more to help you start meaningful conversations about inclusion and accessibility. Our lesson and unit plans are connected to the curriculum in each province and territory in Canada.

The TeachAble Project

The TeachAble Project provides accessibility training for classroom staff. Lesson plans and classroom resources that promote inclusion, equity and safe environments are available on the site.